Best Online Sports Betting Sites Reviewed


Possibly the first (they’ve been online since 1996, which in Internet history translates to the Bronze Age) and definitely one of the best online sports betting sites. Just a quick visit will show you that they are not trying to win you over with too much flashy multimedia and pretty effects, they just have a great gambling site and clear, user-friendly ways to get right where you need to go.

You can reach the football page in one click, and from there select your specific region of interest (remember, in the US they call football “soccer”). If you’ve never signed up with Intertops previously, all it takes is a minute or two to get your account set up. Then you may bet in mere seconds on any sport you like, and even some non-sporting wagers (entertainment, the stock market, as well as bets about possible missions to Mars!).

If sports betting isn’t the only gambling you enjoy, you may also spend some time in the rather posh casino — over 300 of the Internet’s best casino games. If poker is your thing, they have a dedicated poker room that compares with any of the best poker-specific sites online. And finally, they also host over a dozen unique money-making games, the likes of which you can’t find anywhere else. Play virtual soccer and win real money!

URGENT Note: for more up-to-date sports betting recommendations and bonus information, please visit sports betting before heading to one of these online sportsbooks…while they’re all still probably fine, it’s best top double-check as some gambling sites have changed since this page was originally written!


For a sports betting site of equally high quality but more of a focus on slick graphics, try The betting menu is very similar to Intertops — and, as we’ve said, it’s an extremely easy-to-use and totally secure system. seems to have an edge on the amount of information and statistics immediately available, but their variety and odds are a near tie.

One thing that can offer to the sports bettor on the go is a mobile version of their sports betting site. If you have a smartphone, PDA, or other mobile device, you can access’s considerable resources from anywhere. Apparently it wasn’t enough that the smallest laptop or netbook could easily access the site — now you’re even more portable than ever!

When it comes right down to it, and Intertops are both excellent choices, and similar enough to base your decision on small differences of taste. Or you could always hedge your bet and sign up with both of them! There’s never any membership or maintenance fee, so you have nothing to lose by joining more than one online sports betting site.


A slightly different take on the online sportsbook comes from equally experienced BetUS. Since 1994, BetUS has constantly used customer input to make their online sportsbook the kind of place that real sports fans love to spend time. Sports betting is handled with ease, a menu format leading smoothly to a page where each line is listed with instantly-understandable logic. With live betting and a variety of sports and individual bets that some of the best online sportsbooks can’t hope to beat, BetUS is an obvious contender for that top online sports betting position.

The commitment doesn’t stop at the unbeatable odds; also offered is a “Locker Room” section which brings together all of the important news, statistics, and predictions to make the best possible choice when you place a wager — or simply to relax and keep up-to-date with your favorite sports events and figures. If you need a little more recreation, try the “Girls” section which features cars…just kidding, it showcases some of the most attractive ladies this side of a Sports illustrated swimsuit edition. And, as the others, BetUS offers a full-featured casino and poker area which compares to the best online casinos (you know, those places that don’t take sports bets!).

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