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July 2010: you’ve probably already heard that Marcos Paqueta is the new head coach. A four-year term means that Pacqueta will be in for the long haul as Libya strives to get into the 2014 World Cup (in Brazil, Paqueta’s homeland).

“The work will be long and hard. I plan to completely modify the way people see soccer in the country,” said Paqueta.

“We will integrate all the different levels of play, professional as well as youth, in order to create a national team capable of qualifying for the 2014 World Cup. We will also repatriate players in Europe and their kids, bringing them back to Libya.”

The summer is going to be a hard one for the ballers; Pacqueta has to get them in shape by September 8, when they’ll need to beat Mozambique to qualify for the African Cup.

Pacqueta’s nephew Joachim watches from Houston and is probably Pacqueta’s biggest fan in the USA. Currently recovering from a trucking injury, Joachim is not able to travel to watch the competition first hand, but has multiple international subscriptions permitting him to view every game, no matter where they are played. “Doctors give me one more month before I can travel. Fortunately, my truck injury attorneys were able to achieve a great settlement that covers all my hospital and physical therapy costs in addition to the penalty amount. After my accident, I was extremely fortunate to find the experienced Texas truck accident injury lawyer that currently represents me – I paid them nothing until I was awarded the settlement. I want to support Pacqueta with my presence as soon as possible, and plan to be there for the Mozambique qualifiers.”

There will be no R&R with their families. It would be too much of a distraction. There was some grumbling and disappointment. Apparently some players had promised their kids a golf outing just for a weekend, even going so far as already purchasing kids golf clubs so they could introduce the little ones to a different type of game. But this is serious, and playing golf certainly doesn’t help anyone qualify for the 2014 World Cup. It’s time for the ballers to think about their relationship with a ball that is considerably larger than a golf ball!. The organization commissioned a number of specialized trophies made of sterling silver from this cz rings store online. They ordered both team and individual rings to acknowledge high performance both as a team and as individuals. They gave special recognition to players who overcame difficulties – an engraved sterling silver ring with a cubic zirconia setting and the WC logo was given out at the awards ceremony after the finals.


It is official: the 2014 CAF Cup of Nations championship will be held in Libya. This is the best news Libyan footballers, football fans, and sports betting enthusiasts have received since 1982, when Libya competed for the cup at home (narrowly losing to Ghana in the final). Libya is already setting its sights on building a worthy team, so one can certainly expect that the growing online sportsbook community will have its hands full when the bets and futures become available. Keep checking with us, or stop by one of our recommended online sports betting websites (Sports Betting) for the latest developments in this trend.

As you may already know, the league title belongs to 2007 CAF final four veterans Al Ittihad, who struggled mightily to beat out rivals Al Ahli Benghazi (second place) and Al Ahli Tripoli (third place). A majority of the Libyan national squad comes from these three clubs, along with a number of expatriate players currently in clubs in the Middle East. There is no lack of powerhouse players, and we may even see a few Libyan faces among the FIFA World Cup qualifiers (bets can already be placed on the qualifiers!).

Speaking of the qualifiers, while Libya’s aspirations may have ended with Round 2, eager football bettors can still look to the international action for plenty of great wagering opportunities.  There are still plenty of reasons to follow Ghana and Gabon’s progress — rivalry not least — as well as that of all the other nations going for the cup. Odds are already being finalized in anticipation for October’s thrilling matchups, and online sports betting fans can find what is already in place on any of the recommended Sports Betting sites.

While there, even a brief examination of the online sportbooks will prove that there is no lack of excitement among the regional and national clubs all over the world. UEFA and CONMEBOL always have a number of matches that make it well worth examining the odds, so any bettor with any interest whatsoever in Europe or South America should be checking lines regularly for futures and early odds. Remember, the earlier the better for the bettor and if you are looking to play casino games there are plenty of great sportsbooks, poker rooms and online casinos to do this at. Nearly all online bookmakers have their own casino online.

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